Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zutter - Donna Salazar - Zentangle - Teaser & more

We have their Distrezz-it-all, Smooch Spritz, Corrugated Board (13x13) in stock now.

Donna's Musical Memories - Sheet Music to Scrap With - arrrived today. This is af/lf and great for scrappers and cardmakers.

We received 3 new books today. Zentagle Basics, Zentagle 2 and Totally Tangled. These are great for anyone who likes doodling or wants to learn to doodle.

We also received some gold-leafing pens from Krylon.

My teaser for the day is....can't tell ya who or what it is! but I received word today that a shipment is on it's way and due to arrive at the store on Tuesday. Now I'm not sure what time Tuesday so I can't guarantee we will have the display up and ready for show until Wednesday, but this is gonna 'knock your socks off'. (Do you think we should hold this for our croppers to have first pick on Friday? hmmm...this is a conundrum!?!)

And....there is another shipment on the way!! OHHHH! This is like waiting for Santa!


  1. OH OH OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wait until Friday--You are talking about the 27th aren't you? Oh I hope it some of my paper and things that I want...............Alice Roushia

    ps I love the vintage look on your blog. She did a fantastic job. I love roses and queen ann chairs.

  2. Great looking the vintage feel! Upcoming shipment...could it be some t!m goodies????? Bring the goodies on are doing such a wonderful job with this new store...EVERYBODY...pat yourselves on the back and smile! You deserve it!!!

  3. Pretty blog, Elaine - do you want to design mine next? It really needs some work! LOL! Can't wait to see all the new stuff!